You are new to the Internet, and they want you to do what?

Are you muttering to yourself about:

Writing your own webpage, but where do you start;
Getting listed on Search Engines, but not in last place;
Spelling and typing were not your big thing;
You’re proficient in languages X, Y, Z, but will the Americans understand?

Could you use an hour or two of help and recommendations.

I like to write webpages, but even more I love to see people learn about the net, write effective do-it-yourself web pages, use Email to get and keep in touch with family and old friends and to make your entrepreneurship more responsive to your customers & clients.

About Me

If you need HELP, send me Email now.

My RATES are LOW. . I enjoy the work!

PS: In Palm Beach County, Florida, you can also get assistance in buying the most reasonable computer FOR STARTERS, be that you, your parents, your children, or for a spouse’s new interest.

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